Reda Ghanem

Teaching Assistant

Reda Ghanem

Teaching Assistant

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Hi, i'm Reda Ghanem!

Teaching Assistant

I'm Reda Ghanem, Teaching Assistant

at Benha University, Faculty of Science, Department of Computer Science.

I have a Bachelor's of science in computer science from benha university.


Full Name

Reda Mohamed Mohamed Ghanem


15 Jan 1994 - Al Gharbiyah, Egypt.


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B.Sc. in Computer Science

Faculty of Science, Benha University, Egypt - 2012 / 2016

GPA 3.56 out of 4
Percentage 87 %
Grade Very Good (B+)

Pre-Master in Computer Science

Faculty of Science, Benha University, Egypt - 2017 / 2018

GPA 3.05 out of 4
Percentage 78.75 %
Grade Very Good (B)

Courses taken

Theory of Computing Advanced Topic in Databases
Advanced Artificial Intelligence Distributed System (1)
Advanced Topic in Cryptography Mathematical Logic for Computer Science
Discrete & Combinatorial Mathematics Programming Languages & Compilers

Work Experience

Teaching Assistant

Faculty of Science, Benha University, Egypt - Dec 2017 / Present

assists a teacher with instructional responsibilities

deliver tailored teaching activities to pupils on either a one-to-one basis or in small groups

making sure that student are able to engage in learning and stay on task during the lesson or activity

help with the planning of some lessons

Courses I Taught

Introduction to Computer Science C++ (Lab)
Object-Oriented Programming Cryptography
Introduction to Scientific Computations Scientific Computations (1)
Java (Lab) C# (Lab)


Professional Skills

  • 80% Complete
    Comunication 80%
  • 90% Complete
    Leadership 90%
  • 85% Complete
    Decision making, Creativity 85%

Software Skills

  • 85% Complete
    Adobe Photoshop 85%
  • 93% Complete
    Proficiency in the use of Windows, Ubuntu 93%
  • 90% Complete
    JupyterLab, Matlab 90%

Code Skills

  • 90% Complete
    C++ / Java / Python 90%
  • 75% Complete
    HTML5 / CSS3 / Javascript 75%
  • 65% Complete
    PHP 65%



I love art like music and movies because it earns me more of culture, knowledge and a sense of comfort.


I like sports like football and walking, I also enjoy video games.


Reading books is one of the best hobbies because it enables me to know many cultures and live many adventures while I am sitting in my place.



Send me a message


Al Gharbiyah, Egypt.


Benha, Egypt, ZIP: 13518.


+20 1140198410



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Thank You!

“Ideas are the beginning points of all fortunes”

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